What We’ve Done

As the novel coronavirus pandemic has swept across the world, including the United States, Public Health Discussions has been working towards raising awareness about coronavirus and dispelling misconceptions about the pandemic. To this end, our team has publicized graphics on social media advocating for healthy and safe practices. We have also compiled student resources together and publicized those, so that students are reminded of the plethora of resources available to them even as classes have moved online.

These are difficult times to navigate for University of Oklahoma students and some may feel overwhelmed. PHD is doing its best to help by gathering all the information students need to support themselves on this site and on our social media. Feel free to browse our site and learn about the different resources, and email us at ouphd1@gmail.com if you would like us to add anything to these resources or if you have any questions.

Our Research

Our consultants have also started working on gauging the effects of the move to online learning and social distancing. This information will be used to advocate for students and raise awareness about the very real effects of the pandemic on OU’s student population.